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So about 2 years ago I met this awesome girl through helping with TWLOHA…

We’ve helped each other through a lot of struggles, and she’s a wonderful inspiration to me. Here’s her recovery blog:

It’s really good stuff, check it out.


Posted: Mar 11th @ 13:05
[TW: Anorexia/Bulimia/Body Shaming] Call to ban skinny models as Ireland tops anorexia poll


IRELAND has the highest rates of anorexia in Europe along with Italy and Austria, the first ever economic analysis of the condition has found.

Anorexia is a socially transmitted disorder and is more prevalent in countries where women are thinner than average, according to research from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

The research by LSE economist Dr Joan Costa-Font and Professor Mireia Jofre-Bonet of City University, showed that it is becoming increasingly apparent that standards of physical appearance are important and powerful motivators of human behavior, especially regarding health and food.

Banning skinny models from the catwalk and pictures of underweight models from magazines may prevent the epidemic of the disease, they said. [Emphasis mine]

I’m finding this solution to be somewhat problematic… It seems to me that this is just another form of body shamming. I think the language of the regulation is crucial: they want to ban “underweight models from magazines.” There was obviously no consideration given to models who are naturally underweight. In addition, instead of punishing models who actually have eating disorders, they should be helping them recover, if that is what the model wants to do. BMI is no longer held as an accurate marker of “healthy weight” and would be ineffective in weeding out super skinny models — for example, I can run 4miles in 40mins and am in good shape, but my BMI registers as “overweight.” (I understand that this example goes in the opposite direction; however, it still proves that BMI is bullcrap.) Perhaps instead of banning seemingly underweight models, we should be aiming for a more diverse model group to begin with — and not just in terms of weight, but racial diversity, gender identity diversity (more than simply “men” and “women”), gender expression diversity, etc.

Posted: Mar 6th @ 20:03
Don’t strive to be “skinny.”

That’s giving into the world’s standard of beauty.

Every size is beautiful, including skinny but we should only strive to be healthy.

This site is great for emphasizing that:

Posted: Mar 6th @ 19:53

Anonymous said: I'm just really sick of hating myself. I don't understand why I feel like I don't deserve happiness because I'm not pretty, my hair is frizzy, my teeth aren't perfect, my body is fat, my clothes aren't trendy, and so on. Why don't I believe that someone could love me for the person that I am, and look beyond the external self? I'm so sick of society making me feel this way. Screw them, and me. I'm beautiful for who I am, and it's time I've started believing that.

You are one-hundred percent right. It is time to love yourself. When you embrace who you are, which is a beautiful person, no matter what flaws YOU may see, others will embrace you too! You just need to love yourself, give yourself a chance, and have confidence. Supporting you all the way through your journey, and I’m here if you need anyone to talk to again. :)


Posted: Mar 5th @ 22:17
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